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Lisa and Tynan’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding

On June 24th we photographed the beautiful and perfect Glen Sanders Mansion wedding of Lisa and Tynan in Scotia N.Y..  Their day was so romantic and fabulous! I think that every couple hopes that their wedding day will be romantic, but sometimes the stress, pressures and expectations can take it’s toll. Not true with this wonderful couple. They really enjoyed each moment and really seemed connected  to each other. And happily, they were very close to their families and loved ones so we had lots of great moments to photograph. I wanted to share just a few images from the 1000 edited ones that they will have to view, share and print from.

Amazing shoes!

We had so much fun with these girls. You could tell that they were used to having a good time together. Make Me Fabulous did a great job with hair and makeup.

This is what Lisa did to remember her grandmother. She took her grandmother’s  rosary beads and wrapped them around the stems. It was a very touching moment.

We had a few minutes to photograph Lisa on the front porch of her childhood home. I think this is the moment when it hit her that she was getting married today. A few tears and an amazing smile.

An amazing bouquet from Kathy at Petal Pusher.

There were a lot of pics taken of Tynan but this one is my favorite. He is getting ready to go see Lisa for the first time and I think that this image shows how truly happy he was.

We found a bit of shade and did some quick photos. You would never guess that it was about 90 degrees.

We had a ball on the cement wall at Glen Sanders. I love the simplicity of this area and there are so many looks you can achieve just by changing the angle of the camera. So much fun!!

Another view from “the wall.”

Two very proud and happy parents. Donna, you look amazing!


Tynan’s dad was the officiate. The wine ceremony didn’t go quite as planned but they had a good laugh over it.

This is what a perfect dip looks like.

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Marie and Mark’s Saratoga Springs wedding at Yaddo

On June 24th I had the pleasure of photographing Marie and Mark’s wedding at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs N.Y.  Their reception was at their lovely home in Saratoga not far from the Saratoga Race Course. I picked a few of my favorite images that I think show Marie’s happiness, beauty and the joy that everyone felt for this wonderful couple.

 Candidly Beth Photography & Videography

Officiant:                  Dan Mylod
Music DJ                  Capital Disc Jockeys
Ceremony:               Yaddo Gardens
Hair/Makeup:         Alexandria’s and Beauty Salon 

Caterer:                    Top Shelf Catering

Venue:                      Home

Florist:                      Price Chopper
Coordinator             Rachel Boggan
Ceremony Music  Stephanie Lafell  


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0295

I always tell brides to pick a pair of fun shoes and I love these!

Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0296

There is just something about her expression here that touched my heart. She seemed so happy to be getting married to her wonderful guy.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0297

I love window light. I did take several images of Marie laughing, more serious, etc. but this one was my favorite. She is beautiful and a lot of fun to photograph! Throughout the day both Mark and Marie seemed to enjoy every moment, their family and guests, but most of all, each other.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0309

I have a new macro lens and at every wedding I try to get a ring shot using something that has meaning to my couple. Since their home is in Saratoga and their colors were blue and green I thought that this Saratoga bottle would do the trick.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0303

Close friend Dan officiated the ceremony. What a great job he did!! Mark, you look so calm but your brother seems a little nervous.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0304

A wedding in June at Yaddo is beautiful. The roses are in full bloom and the scent is incredible.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0305

A yahoo moment! I know that’s what I shouted from behind my camera. I was so happy for this couple and their families.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0299

Mark’s mom didn’t stop smiling the whole day.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0306

A moment between Marie and her Grandmother. Precious beyond words.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0301


How cute is this guy?



Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0300

Marie being playful on the the stairs. I couldn’t believe it when a breeze picked up her veil. There was NO breeze at all before that moment.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0298

I have a fondness for arching branches and vignettes. There was a beautiful shaded area on the Yaddo grounds and with the ferns and irises, this became the perfect spot for a little romance. What you don’t see are the tourists with their cameras also photographing the irises. It got a little crowded!



Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0308

Still in love after 60 years!


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0307

I was photographing Mark and Marie decided to photobomb. Mark takes everything in stride and has quite the   good nature and a great sense of humor.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0302
Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0310

Their color scheme was navy blue and green. What I thought was awesome was that the green is pulled in by the green of the trees. Everything was simple but in harmony with the surroundings. And of course,  I love their smiles.


Saratoga -Yaddo- image-0311

One last photo in front of their home. This is a wonderful memory for the years to come.

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Erica & John’s Saratoga National Reception


On Oct.9th we had the pleasure of photographing Erica and John’s Saratoga National reception and St. Peter’s ceremony in Saratoga Springs. What a day! There was lot’s of rain, a beautiful sunset, and a terrific couple who didn’t let the weather interfere with their lovely wedding. Erica’s mom Phyllis put so much thought and energy into making this day perfect for them.  I was so glad to hear that she hired the help of wedding co-ordinater Shannon Whitney who really helped the day to go smoothly. Thank-you Shannon!  For this reason, I am sharing in this blog some of the details of the day as well as a few more “people” photos.

Candidly Beth Photography & Videography

Officiant:                  Father Chris Looby
Music DJ                  Funk Evolution
Ceremony:               St. Peter’s  R.C. Church
Hair/Makeup:         Simplicity Salon
Caterer:                    Mazzone Hospitality Prime
Venue:                      Saratoga National Golf Course
Florist:                     Posie Peddler

Coordinator            Shannon Whitney

Limo                        Upstate Transit

Ceremony Music  St. Peter’s R.C. Church



I LOVED Erica’s shoes. The flowers colors were the perfect shades of fall. At the end of the reception the flowers still looked fresh!

I am seeing a lot more pocket watches this year. Love them! It is so much nicer to see guys pulling out their watches to see time instead of cell phones. Future heirlooms?

Speaking of heirlooms, this necklace belonged to Erica’s great grandmother. I think Erica had just enough bling and her accessories were well balanced. 

Because rain was in the forecast, I spent the day before the wedding checking out dry locations we could go to that were close by. We finished the family photos at Congress Park under the only covered area in the whole park. We had to share this small area with other wedding parties and a wedding rehearsal! I was so glad everyone was willing to work together.

Absolutely perfect fall colors for the dresses and flowers. It’s a little hard to see, but it is raining and the bright colors really cheer up a gloomy day. The great thing about rainy days is that the light is perfect. It’s a soft flattering light unlike a sunny day which can be harsh and too much contrast.

This image of Erica is actually a candid moment even though it might at first appear posed!  I loved her expression. John was so awesome to work with! He was very patient and accommodating. 

This is such a great photo. What you don’t see is one of the groomsman behind Erica holding her dress up so it didn’t get wet. He on the other hand got a bit soaked. What a guy!

This is how Erica traveled all day, by limo bus and Kenny. Between Kenny, our plastic covers and all the helpful groomsmen I don’t think Erica got one spot on her dress.

The ceremony was at St. Peters in Saratoga Springs. The layout of the church is very different. There is no center aisle and a small part of the alter has spotlights on it. I prefer not to use flash during ceremonies so that all the attention is on the ceremony and not on me. It’s tricky at this church but I made it work.
Finally the rain stopped and we were able to get outside at Saratoga National Golf Club. John drove us around in a golf cart ( quite expertly) and we went to a place they had found the day before for fall foliage. I was so glad that Erica could finally put her dress down safely.

We headed back up the hill and OMG the sunset was crazy!!! 

There was so much thought put into all the small details. And there were even more than what I am showing!

The band was Funk Evolution. It was my first time working with them and Wow! They really kept the party going strong.

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Danielle & Frank’s Lakeside Farms Wedding


On Sept. 5 we had the enviable job of photographing Danielle & Frank’s Lakeside Farms wedding in Ballston Lake. This was such a perfect day! All of us at Candidly Beth Photography and Video had a blast. Danielle thanked us for making her wedding day fun and stress free and she and Frank in return, made the day fun for us. A fun day for me as a photographer is having  a couple who are into having their picture taken and will even suggest poses and places they would like to be photographed in. It really gets my creative juices flowing. But, we worked quickly and kept an eye out for the sunset and great light.  Danielle and Frank really worked with us to get the images we knew they would love. The following images just show a brief glimpse into their fabulous day.

Candidly Beth Photography & Videography

Officiant:                  Joy Burke
Music DJ                  SEH  Entertainment
Ceremony:               Lakeside Farms
Makeup:                  Brittany Hayes
Caterer:                   New World Catering
Venue:                     Lakeside Farms
Florist:                     Dehns

Baker                       J S Watkins

Limo                       Primiere

Ceremony Music  SEH Entertainment


I loved Danielle’s smart choice for shoes. They were perfect for woodland paths and fields. Even the Betsy Johnson box they came in was fantastic!

This just cracked me up. Here you have Danielle’s mom, soon to be mother-in-law and Frank’s grandmother. They are commenting on how little bitty Danielle’s waist is.

Frank put a lot of thought into his boutonniere. He hunts and the feathers are from a pheasant. I thought it was very personal to him. I am seeing a trend now with grooms personalizing the boutonniere . One talented florist I know made one groom’s out of golf tees. 

Danielle is such a natural beauty. She makes standing in front of the limo bus waiting for the wedding party look like a magazine image.

Easy, natural and gorgeous!

I love this pic of Danielle and Scout enjoying the flowers. And then of course, Danielle and Frank enjoying each other.

I loved the girls summer colors and the less formal flowers. The guys looked perfect!! SO comfortable. Scout seemed to be enjoying everything too. I really think she is laughing here along with the bridal party. Good dog!

Danielle and Frank meant a lot to these children. The kids were never very far away from them through out the day.

The two moms were standing together in some beautiful natural light. I said something that cracked them up. I’m not a fan of “look stiff into the camera” so…..

This is what a relaxed bride and flower girl do before the ceremony. I highly recommend crayons and doodling.

I thought that there was a wonderful story behind this photo. Danielle and Brittany, who by the way, did everyone’s makeup and was also one of the MOHs, has known Danielle since they were small girls. The photo in the lower left  is a picture of them when they were young! Wow!! The photo in the lower right speaks for itself. You jut have to love selfies.

I have been photographing weddings for 25 years and had never seen this before. During the ceremony, Frank’s grandmother and Danielle’s grandmother signed the marriage license. What a great idea!

There is something interesting and special going on in these 4 photos.. Each family member from Frank’s side is hugging Danielle’s family and vise a versa. These two families really cared about each other and seem to have such strong heart felt feelings for each other.

Lots of tears and emotions during the parent dances.

It was the ring bearer’s birthday and they made sure he felt very special.

I watched grandma walk over to the cake looking very puzzled. She leaned in for a closer look and burst out laughing when she saw a replica of Scout standing on the top.

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Aimee&Ben’s Wedding



Aimee and Ben’s August 29 wedding ceremony was held at the United Methodist Church in Schodack and the reception at Birch Hill. My blog is going to be a bit different than the ones I normally do. We took lot’s of reception  formals and getting ready images but I’m only going to show a few of those. The reason is that their wedding ceremony was so unique and it also was the most important part of the day for them and their families. Aimee and Ben strived to honor the Lord in everything that they did on their wedding day and put Him first. The ceremony was 1.5 hours long, with no air conditioning on but I don’t believe anyone noticed, they enjoyed the singing and music and the time went by very quickly.  After the ceremony and before the official reception began a short distance away, the guests were invited to enjoy refreshments and fellowship with each other. I hope you can feel through our images, their commitment and love for each other and the Lord.

Candidly Beth Photography & Videography

Officiant:                  Kelly Warner & Diane Marquit (communion)
Music DJ                  Matt Purificat0
Dressmaker             Something Bleu Bridal
Ceremony:               St. Pauls United Methodist Church
Makeup:                  Erin Marzilli 

Hair                         Olivia Gifford Stephanie Moore
Caterer:                   Birch Hill
Venue:                     Birch Hill
Florist:                    Flower Scout  

Baker    Cocoa Dots

Limo     Today’s Limosine

Ceremony Music  Various Friends


These two wonderful ladies are Ben’s grandmothers,Ruth and Jill. They were a delight all day long. You could feel how much they loved their grandsons.

I loved how Aimee and Ben’s invitation tied in with Aimee’s lace theme. Love the bow on the back of her shoes!

I enjoyed how everyone helped to get the veil on. Aimee’s great love for children was really evident all day long. She loved holding them, dancing with them and giving them lot’s of attention.

I just had to share their first look!  We tried to take photographs far away from them so we wouldn’t intrude. Thank goodness for telescopic lenses!  Hotel lobbies can have many complicated backgrounds,  so at this Comfort Inn I placed them on the middle landing. It gave us a few different angles. And also allowed the bridesmaids to have a peek of the couple.

Aimee gave Ben a watch that belonged to his great grandfather. It no longer worked so they had it fixed and together they set the time and started it running on their wedding day.

After they had their awesome moment of seeing each other for the first time, Aimee and Ben prayed together for a while.

We arrived at Birch Hill for a few quick photos before the ceremony. It was hot, sunny…phew! I spotted some of my favorite trees ( birches) in the shade and and Aimee and Ben”worked”it. You know your at Birch Hill when there are peacocks roaming everywhere.

As I said earlier, Aimee  loves children. At the beginning of the ceremony the kids had a parade with music and dancing. The couple had arranged for a present to be given to each child when they

reached the top of the aisle to help them stay occupied during the ceremony. 

Sometimes couples think that doing a first look will take away from the emotion of the groom seeing his bride walk down the aisle. I always say that it doesn’t, because now, your getting married. Ben was beside himself with emotion that Aimee was going to be his bride.

Aimee’s dad Bill spoke to his daughter and future son-in-law about their commitment to the Lord.  There is so much love surrounding them.

Aimee and Ben washed each other’s feet as Jesus did to his disciples, showing selfless service. It is also a symbol of warmth, love and affection.
Aimee’s church audio mike wasn’t working so Ben shared his.



One of the older guests at the wedding told me that the stain glass window was moved from a church in Albany.

A little “play time” at Birch Hill.

Thank you Aimee, Ben and family for your trust in us. We enjoyed being a part of this day!

Joan Parsons - Best wedding Ever! Congratulations!

Bonnie Guiles - i wish you the best in you future. You had a lovely wedding!

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